Construction Sport

Who we are
Construction Sport has been founded by experienced construction operatives who understand the demands in this tough industry. The long hours, working away from home and physical fatigue all take its toll, not only on the operatives work life but also on their family life too. The statistics don’t lie. It is totally unacceptable that we currently lose two construction workers every day to suicide.

Within construction, our physical health & safety on site has been prioritised; we have signs everywhere reminding us to wear hard hats, gloves & glasses etc. Hours upon hours are invested in on-site and on-site training; we have regular updates regarding safety briefings, safety alerts, near misses, lessons learnt, working at height, people plant interface and an endless plethora of safety information and rules to ensure everyone remains safe. Yet little, if anything, is communicated about mental health.

What we do
We use sport as the conduit to elicit change and to provide the education needed to make things better, we have found an effective and enjoyable way to tackle the issue of mental health in our sector and raise awareness of this serious problem. We believe that through collaboration and the power of sport we can drive positive change. Construction Sport is committed to raising awareness and providing rersources to help improve the lives of construction workers.

As a member you and your employees will be able to participate in a range of sports events including golf, rugby, football and many more. These are held at popular venues around the UK and provide an opportunity to let off steam and meet like minded people.

But it’s not just about sport.

We have teamed up with a renowned mental health specialist to provide an online wellbeing platform. This platform provides CPD Accredited e-learning courses for construction workers and HR Managers to help educate on the problems around mental health. This demonstrates your compliance and provides valuable resources to your employees which they can access at home or when they are with their families.

Construction Sport also provides your business with opportunities to network and collaborate with other partners from within Construction Sport, while continuing to raise awareness about the serious issue surrounding mental health in our sector.

It’s not really about us. It’s about Building Teams & Saving Lives.


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