Construction Sport – What is it?

Construction Sport is a charity founded by experienced construction operatives, dedicated to improving the lives of our workers.

Within construction our physical health and safety has been prioritised; health and safety protocols have been a success, but that’s just half the battle.

Hours upon hours are invested in on-site and off-site training. We have regular updates regarding safety briefings, safety alerts, near misses, lessons learnt, working at height, people plant interface and an endless plethora of information and rules to ensure everyone remains safe.

Yet little, if anything is communicated about our mental health.

So, we decided to use sport as the conduit for change. Most people enjoy watching or taking part in sport and appreciate the health benefits it provides; it makes sense.

At Construction Sport we are bringing the industry together, promoting the huge benefits that sport can have on driving positive change into our industry.

We have got to make a stand, we have got to come together, the shocking statistics are not acceptable.

Together we can make a difference.