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Construction Sport Contracts Ltd. the backbone to Construction Sport!

We are proud to be an organisation built to support the industry, built by the workforce, the workforce that fully understands the pressures of the construction industry.

With many years of collective experience across all corners of the construction sector our team is what has made it all possible.

A team fully operational in the Civil Engineering sector, we provide direct support to a number of main contractors.

Our team are made up of fully qualified individuals that have a passion for the industry and more importantly a passion to perform.


Understanding the pressures of the industry is vital, ensuring that we as a team are fully in support of each other and that no matter how tough the day is, we find a reason to smile and enjoy ourselves.

On the coldest, darkest days there isn’t much reason to smile, however the camaraderie our team has with one another is something we believe the industry can learn a lot from.

We are doing what we are doing to make positive change to the industry, so we know we have to lead by example.

It’s tough to do so and has many challenges, but it’s our passion, passion to perform, passion to smile and a passion to look after each other.

Through the good times and the bad.

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