Construction Sport Hundred Club: First Member’s Meeting!

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On the fine morning of Tuesday 26th March, an amazing group of like-minded individuals gathered in the lovely offices of Sir Robert McAlpine’s impressive One Broadgate project. This was the very first Hundred Club Members Meeting and all of us at Construction Sport were thrilled and very proud to be able to finally get everyone together!

Topics of the day included:

  • Telling everyone about all of our exciting new events coming up in 2024! Some of which having solidified dates, and some being just great ideas that, rest assured, will make their way onto the calendar!
  • Lots of information about how the Hundred Club plans to progress.
  • How we enable & link our social media activities to pass on real information & experiences from the people on the ground.
  • How your monthly pledge benefits you and us as a charity.
  • Statistics & Reports.
  • What we hear in the industry & why we do what we do.
  • And more!
Steve at Hundred Club meeting


The Hundred Club has now amassed 20 fully-fledged members, a fantastic start to our official membership and we are hugely grateful for all of your support! This was a great opportunity for everyone to put faces to names, and once everyone had shook hands, enjoyed hot drinks and luscious pastries, our brief & informative meeting began at 10:30am, led by our founder Stephen Kerslake.

Overall, this was a great way to catch up and get all of our members in a room together! A huge thank you to all who attended. These Hundred Club Meetings will take place approximately every 8 weeks, and with each one we expect more and more people turning up and soon we’ll need an assembly hall!

Until then, thanks again for your support, it’s greatly appreciated, and see you either in the next meeting, or next smashing event! 👊

Alex Davis

Construction Sport


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