Exclusive Wellbeing Platform for the Construction Business

Imagine what it would mean if your workforce was CPD accredited on a range of Mental Health subjects?

Well now it's possible.

Free to all our Orange Hat members, this unique wellbeing platform has been configured with specific emphasis on the unique nature of the construction sector and the problems our workers face. It has proved highly successful in the Oil & Gas industry, where they face similar issues to those we face in construction.

Accredited training courses and resources covering a range of mental health topics, are now just a click away.



A unique digital platform designed to educate and train HR teams, managers and employees on subjects surrounding mental health. CPD accredited training can be completed by anyone.

Through education & early signposting, we hope to improve the problem of mental health in the construction sector

  • Access remotely 24/7 from any PC or Smartphone device
  • Employees & HR can complete CPD accredited health training
  • Surveys on key subjects for anonymous feedback
  • Reports showing popular subjects searched or viewed
  • A range of self-help videos on key subjects
  • Directory of support organisations
  • Mental Health Policy templates & Guides
  • Construction Sport events diary

Most mental health resources are aimed at the employer and not necessarily the worker. There are corporate based courses that are really designed at dealing with problems once they have arisen. All that is important, it is a reactionary approach and no a pro-active one. That's why we believe our solution is a real game changer.

For Employees

Your employees can access a range of training courses and general information to support their health and wellbeing.

The platform can be accessed from home, with their families, whenever they need help with an issue or concern the have.

As many of the courses included in the platform are CPD accredited, you can build a well informed and accredited team of workers.

They can access help guides on subjects like anxiety, stress, dealing with debt etc. all in a clear and easy to understand format.

There are two mandated courses for your employees, covering Mental Health Awareness and Suicide. These are accredited courses and your employees will receive certificates on completion.

As your employees receive CPD accreditation on completion, you will build a well informed mental health accredited workforce, demonstrating your commitment to their safety, which could make a real difference to their wellbeing.

For HR Teams

Legislation Guides

As well as CPD accredited courses, there are also legislation guides and useful information on dealing with specific problems.

The mental health policy templates and guides provide additional resources to support your mental health processes and systems.

Surveys & Reports

Surveys can be created to identify specific areas of concern. The feedback provided enables you to identity areas of concern before they become a problem.

We provide reports on the use of the platform. You can record your employees progress and their successful accreditations.