Episode 1: Laura Bradley

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Welcome to a brand new podcast format hosted by Steve Kerslake!

Episode 1 – Chatting with Laura Bradley of Flannery Plant Hire

‘Back O’ The Van’ Podcasts/Sound Bites will be little snippets of content including chats with all sorts of different people who work in or alongside the construction industry. Taking place in, you guessed it, the back o’ the van!

Why? Construction Sport have teamed up with Bon Appetit – A catering company devoted to providing nutritious meals for workers across all kinds of sites all over the UK. Therefore, they travel around quite a bit. And Construction Sport, Bon Appetit and Flannery Plant Hire have hired and sponsored a van that can be used as a mobile podcast studio if you will – Steve will be travelling to sites and having general chats with anyone who fancies one. We think it’s important to hear all sorts of interesting stories from all sorts of different personal backgrounds…

Thank you for watching and if you would like to get in touch, check out the ‘about’ section of our channel page to find links to all our social media platforms, as well as a direct contact email.

Furthermore, check out our website: https://constructionsport.com/

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