London Marathon Trek 2024 V2

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Construction Sport London Marathon Trek 2
6:30am, London Liverpool Street Station.
A group of 10 enthusiastic individuals from the construction industry, all geared up to embark on an extraordinary challenge: walking a full marathon. Among us were some seasoned veterans who had tackled marathons before and some first-timers feeling a mix of excitement and nerves.
The day started with the typical last-minute rush.
Our organizer, Steve Kerslake, and the media team, predictably, were running late. Meanwhile, BBC Radio 5 Live was already on the scene, ready to broadcast updates throughout the day. Their presence added an extra layer of excitement and a touch of pressure to keep our spirits high and our pace steady.
After having an interview with BBC5 letting the people know the issues within the construction industry and how we are helping. We took some team photos and we finally set off from Liverpool Street Station at 6:45am. The energy was high; a blend of anxious anticipation and eager determination. The sun was just starting to rise, promising a clear, hot and pleasant day for our 26-mile journey.

We moved through the early morning streets of London, heading down Old Broad Street and towards the Thames. Our route was mainly based of memory from past treks, which lead us taking us past some of London’s most iconic landmarks. As we approached Southwark Bridge, we made our way across the Golden Jubilee Bridge, a picturesque start that kept our spirits high.

Construction Sport London Marathon Trek 2
We had reached Buckingham Palace, marking our first significant milestone. The sight of the Palace so early in the morning was a motivating sight, confirming for ourselves that we were moving with some speed. The BBC Radio 5 Live team caught up with us here, broadcasting our progress and sharing some live interviews, adding a sense of camaraderie and public support.
From there, we moved towards Hyde Park, soaking in the greenery and the morning calm. Hyde Park provided a beautiful backdrop as we continued our trek, chatting and laughing, with the more experienced walkers offering tips and encouragement to the newcomers.
We had covered some good distance by this point and after some refreshment stops to keep us charged, Richmond Park was ahead of us. This time we took a well needed shorter route through the park but this was still both a scenic highlight and a physical challenge because we knew we were getting to the half way point. It became clear that this stretch would test our endurance. By now, we had covered 12 and a half miles, and the first signs of fatigue were starting to show. Blisters and sore muscles began to take their toll, but everyone came prepared, with Compeed being a fan favourite.
By noon, we hit the halfway mark. We stopped briefly at Sainsbury’s Local in Putney to grab some lunch. The break was a welcome respite, though some of us were tempted to sit longer, the goal of completing the marathon kept us moving. A quick, energizing meal and we were back on our feet, heading towards the final stretch.
workers working together
helping out fellow construction worker
The team had regrouped for another catch up with BBC Radio 5 Live now focusing on other subjects in the construction industry. Steve didn’t take the lead in that interview which left him in tatters of FOMO watching from aside. The next few miles were the toughest. Passing through Fulham and Chelsea, the combined effects of fatigue, soreness, and the sheer length of the journey began to weigh on us. Despite this, the team split into 2 groups it seemed to be fast walkers and not so fast but spirits remained unbroken. We pushed each other, shared stories, and even managed a few laughs to keep the mood light which is what these treks are all about.

The groups then got ourselves into go-mode as we were approaching the end result BUT we had a radio interview to attend and we were behind schedule so… we had to run the last 3k which took a toll, but we made it by the skin of our teeth, now encouraging each small group and directing them with which direction to go.

Walking a marathon is no small feat, especially for those experiencing it for the first time. But it’s not just about the physical challenge; it’s about the teamwork, the shared experiences and the collective spirit that drives you forward. Our journey from Liverpool Street Station, past London’s landmarks, through parks and bustling streets, was a testament to what we can achieve when we come together with a common goal.
As we meet the end of our marathon, we’re reminded of the strength and resilience within us all. Whether experienced marathoners or first-timers, we’ve proven that with determination, support, and a bit of London’s charm, anything is possible. With that, we headed back to London Liverpool Street and found the nearest pub to let go a bit and let what we have just achieved sink in.

A huge shoutout to all participants, you all completely smashed it and should be proud of such a feat! A massive thank you to BBC 5 Live Radio and to anyone who couldn’t make it on the day but was there in spirit and on socials! We’ll see you at the next one.

Will Scott – Construction Sport

strong network of mates
strong network of mates


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